Keeping Up With The Evolution of DeFi On NEAR: Latest Partnerships

Keeping up with the evolution of DeFi on NEAR is an arduous task. DeFi is booming and the NEAR ecosystem welcomes new projects and partnerships on a daily basis. This series dedicated to the evolution of DeFi on NEAR is going to make it easy and simple for the community to stay tuned with all that is happening.

In the last article we covered the new NEAR native projects announced on NEAR. In today’s article we will focus on the 6 new partnerships that were announced in the past few weeks, namely, DIA, Keyko, Curio DAO, Graph Protocol, Kyber Network, Mixin Network and Boca Chica.

New Partnerships

DIA (Decentralised information asset) is an open-source data platform that allows market actors to supply, share, and use transparent, crowd-verified data and oracles for DeFi. By leveraging crypto-economic incentives and the community’s skills to source and validate financial data, DIA provides trusted information to help DeFi projects develop better products.

At the end of October, DIA announced its partnership with NEAR Protocol bringing to the NEAR ecosystem an oracle infrastructure able to significantly help developers building new applications.

For more information on this partnership read DIA’s medium article and follow them on Twitter.

Keyko is a world class Web3 powerhouse specializing in the delivery of decentralized technology solutions. On the 28th of October, it kicked off its partnership with NEAR to create Chikai, a software development service that fosters the creation of sustainable dApps and tokenized ecosystems on top of the NEAR Protocol.

For more information about Keyko-NEAR partnership read the NEAR’s medium article and follow Chikai’s Twitter page.

Curio DAO is the first community driven tokenized real asset launchpad. It helps unlock real-world assets’ full potential via tokenization by leveraging the investment power and buzz-making of their DAO community. On the 27th of October, Curio DAO announced its new partnership with NEAR opening up new investment opportunities for the community.

Starting with the launch of Curio Governance Token (CGT) support, Curio DAO will terminate its upgrade on the 20th of November, adding CGT liquidity pools on NEAR DEXs.

For more information about Curio DAO and its partnership with NEAR read their medium article and follow them on Twitter.

Graph Protocol is a leading Web3 protocol for indexing and querying blockchain data with GraphQL. Originally built on Ethereum, since the end of October it announced its imminent launch on NEAR.

The Graph offers a service to organise data on blockchains and make them easy to find. It is a very important tool for developers as it allows them to access data like prices and user information. Soon NEAR’s developers will be able to access these services and benefit from an added layer of simplicity.

For more information about Graph Protocol integration with NEAR follow them on Twitter.

Kyber is an Ethereum-based decentralized exchange that focuses on aggregating liquidity and facilitating instant swaps for ether and ERC-20 tokens. Kyber uses a diverse set of liquidity pools called “reserves.” While market markers, token projects, liquidity pools and token holders provide aggregated liquidity to the reserves, so-called “takers” such as decentralized applications, exchanges, and wallets can access and trade the assets contained in the reserves. On October 21st a partnership between Kyber Network and NEAR was announced:

For more information on Kybernetwork follow them on Twitter and visit their website.

Mixin Network is an open-source, decentralised W3 platform focused on providing blockchains the ability to gain trillions of TSP, sub-second final confirmation, zero transaction fees, and enhanced privacy. On the 3rd of November, Mixin announced its partnership with NEAR Protocol that will sign the beginning of a strategic cooperation in market promotion and global community expansion.

Importantly, Mixin will bring its community into the NEAR ecosystem and will work together with near to explore opportunities of network integration that would benefit users.

For more information about Mixin-NEAR cooperation read this medium article, and follow Mixin on Twitter.

Boca Chica is a cutting edge IDO platform that operates both on NEAR and Solana. The Boca Chica Mars Edition was designed specifically to serve the needs of NEAR and its ecosystem leveraging its characteristics.

Operating with an in-built consensus algorithm, Boca Chica allows any participants of the sale to take part in it by simply being part of NEAR, and importantly, without a mandatory requirement for holding any platform-specific token.

In the beginning of November, Boca Chica launched a limited NEAR sale to inaugurate its Mars edition, enabling newcomers to the NEAR ecosystem to get acquainted with NEAR’s amazing user-friendly design.

For more information on the sale check out Boca Chica’s Medium article and follow them on Twitter.

October was a crazy month for NEAR’s DeFi and November is for now keeping up this trend. To make sure you do not miss out on anything, keep following this series where we unpack and summarise the latest news on the evolution of DeFi on NEAR.