Keeping Up With The Evolution of DeFi On NEAR: Croncat, Roketo, Burrowcash, and QSTN

The NEAR family is growing strong, in the past month alone over thirty new projects and partnerships were announced. The passion economy is thriving, the gaming communities are rapidly expanding thanks to the Human Guild, and the NEAR ecosystem is becoming more attractive every day.

In today’s article we are going to focus on the new native projects that have recently launched on NEAR: Croncat, Roketo, Burrowcash, and QSTN.

NEAR Native Project Launches

Croncat: Decentralised Scheduling for Blockchain Transactions

Croncat is an application for automating and scheduling function calls that allows any application or protocol building on NEAR to optimise their products and services. Croncat allows any application to schedule logic to get executed in the future, one or multiple times, triggered by an approved agent, in an economically stable format. Some of the key benefits are summarised below:

Infographic by NEAR Trends

Croncat launched on mainnet on the 19th of October, unlocking a new level of flexibility and freedom for crypto-projects within the NEAR ecosystem.

The launch was followed by an issuing of special NFTs created by the community for those that have contributed to achieving the community goals.

In October, Croncat also received a DAO grant and had its first 5 dapps onboarding. November will see more updates coming on the governance front as Croncat is working on its DAO proposals.

To keep up to date with Croncat development follow their Twitter page.

Roketo: NEAR’s Streaming Money Service

Roketo is a real time streaming protocol based on the NEAR blockchain. It allows businesses to send money easily to community members for each repeatable task, and allows earners to own their funds at any moment. By providing fluidity of funds and new ways of payment, Roketo is a gamechanger for anyone that wants to make their finances predictable and accessible.

On October 14th, Roketo open-beta announced its launch on NEAR mainnet. To participate in its test phase check out this detailed thread on how to use Roketo.

A few weeks later, Roketo also announced the listing of the most popular tokens in the NEAR ecosystem.

To keep up to date with Roketo development follow them on Twitter or join the Telegram group.

NEAR Native Project Announcements

Burrowcash: Supply and Borrow Interest-bearing assets on NEAR

Burrowcash is an interest rate market protocol built on NEAR that allows users to supply and borrow interest-bearing assets. It makes supplying and borrowing assets simple and highly profitable by allowing to unlock yield from the base layer, to unlock yield across chains, and enable self-paying borrows.

On the 19th of October Burrow shared its value proposition and its goals on a medium post and revealed its roadmap for the months of October, November, and December. Very soon Burrow will launch on Mainnet.

To keep up to date with Burrowcash development follow them on Twitter or join the Telegram chat.

QSTN: The Consumer Data Application of the Future

QSTN is a decentralised social platform that aims at re-establishing users’ control over their data. QSTN created a data marketplace where users are rewarded with spedible digital credits to input their data. The rewards offered are a combination of special incentives, brand rewards, NFTs and discount codes. QSTN then is paid by brands to ask questions, in turn, QSTN shares this value creation through ASNR, their virtual in-game credit.

During the NEARcon QSTN announced its project and the intent of building its data monetising platform on NEAR:

To keep up to date with QSTN development follow them on Twitter and check out their Website.

The month of October was a crazy month for NEAR’s DeFi. New projects and partnership are announced almost daily and it is difficult to keep up with all that is going on in the ecosystem. To make sure you do not miss out on anything, keep following this series where we unpack and summarise the latest news on the evolution of DeFi on NEAR.



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