The Rise of The New Creator Economy on NEAR: An Update

In May we published a series of articles on the rise of the new creator economy on NEAR. Since then, the NEAR ecosystem experienced tremendous growth requiring an update on the current state of the new creator economy on NEAR. Platforms like Paras and Mintbase, NEAR’s wunderkids, are blooming and attracting thousands of artists and daily users, but much more has come to town. In this article, we are going to explore the newest and most exciting NFT platforms on NEAR, namely, Nifty Comedians, DEIP, Mintgate, Youminter, and 1MillionNFTs. We will discuss what these platforms are all about as well as how creators can use them to spin off their art and creations.

Nifty Comedians: The First Independent Comedian Platform

Nifty Comedians is the first NFT platform dedicated entirely to comedy. It has created a marketplace where comedians can sell their jokes, shows, and podcasts as gated NFTs. Users can easily go through Nifty Comedians’ marketplace and collect their favourite comedic works from both emerging and more established comedians.

“We want to have this sort of non-crypto native user experience but we don’t want to impose a bias based on transactions or search history. We just want users to be able to have their autograph collection.” -Jack McDermott, Founder of Nifty Comedians

The platform provides a Web2 experience with all the benefits of Web3. Users can discover and get access to many different kinds of comedy by purchasing NFTs, while comedians can retain the lion’s share of their work and develop a disintermediated relationship with their public. Nifty Comedians constitutes a new way for comedians to monetise their work and retain ownership of their creation, something that traditional Web2 platforms do not allow.

Nifty Comedians was already available on Polygon, but a few weeks ago it launched its NFT marketplace on NEAR.

If you are a comedian and you are interested in trying an alternative platform that grants you more freedom and gives you better monetisation options, Nifty Comedians is the best place for you!

For more information about Nifty Comedians follow them on Twitter and check out their Website.

Mintgate: A New Paradigm for Digital Content

Mintgate is a platform designed to make token protecting content easier and accessible to anyone. Through Mintgate artists can create private links on any platform and manage their link with their tokens, basically turning NFTs into tickets to access specific content. This has huge implications for artists and creators who, for the first time, will be able to easily control access to their creations and make sure they are rewarded for users’ consumption.

“What MintGate allows is to become the owner of your own content and to monetise your content in a completely different way, namely, through NFT royalties.” -Jonathan Dunlap, Founder of Mintgate

There are many different content types that MintGate supports among which PDFs, 4K UHD movies, podcasts, music, audiobooks, websites, and digital downloads. Everybody can start using it and revolutionise their approach to art’s consumption for the better. Making it sustainable for artists to continue producing their art and turning passive users into active participants to the creator economy through incentives and on-chain governance.

As of October, Mintgate also allows creators to set up their own branded NFT storefront with natively uploaded unlockable content.

For more information about Mintgate follow them on Twitter, and check out their Website.

YouMinter: The Passion Economy’s Embassy

When it comes to the new creator economy, YouMinter is definitely one of the most innovative projects created so far. Not only it provides a starting point and tools to collectors, artists and fans to leverage the benefits of Web3, it revolutionises the way creators approach monetisation by introducing the Concept of 100 Fans. According to this concept, one only needs 100 loyal fans in order to make a living with his creations. YouMinter rethinks in its entirety the structure of monetisation creating a new and more complex one that emphasises individuality, exclusivity, and community building.

One of the most extraordinary features of YouMinter is that it does not have any Web3 knowledge nor cryptocurrencies to get started- Google Pay or Apple Pay are enough. The process of creating NFTs is also extremely simple and straightforward. To create an NFT, you only need the YouMinter app and a wallet in Ethereum is required for minting. Just a click in Apple Pay or Google Pay is sufficient.

On YouMinter creators are also free to set a price for their work, arrange their online exhibition in a completely disintermediated way, while collectors can curate their NFT collections and create their personal galleries. And most importantly, artists and connoisseurs will be able to assemble NFTs in any blockchain and bridge them from one chain to another!

On the 23rd of October YouMinter received a $100.000 grant from the NEAR Foundation to develop its concept and revolutionise creator’s lives.

For more information follow them on Twitter and check out their Medium page.


1MillionNFTs is probably one of the most artistic and original NFT projects out there. 1MillionNFTs is a Web3 platform originally built on Ethereum, which is both a creative project and an investment at the same time. It has created a 10.000 by 10.000 pixel grid which can be purchased and modified at the users will. There are 1 millions NFTs that can be bought and each one meets an ERC-721 standard.

What will happen with the grid is not foreseeable, what is foreseeable, however, is that the price will keep growing as the platform evolves becoming with time a very valuable investment.

On the 27th of October, 1MillionNFts successfully launched on NEAR thanks to Aurora allowing the NEAR community to stake out their place in NFT history:

Go to to get started!

For more information about 1MillionNFT follow them on Twitter, check out their Medium.

Thanks to Web3 tools new avenues can be created for the new creator economy, and thanks to NEAR’s architecture Web3 potential can be leveraged in its entirety. In this article we have discussed some of the most innovative projects when it comes to the new creator economy, that aim at revolutionising the way creators monetise on their work and relate to their audience. The future of the new creator economy is bright on NEAR Protocol, and in the next episodes, we will further discuss its growth and achievements. So stay tuned!




Crypto scavenger and cypherpunk ally, writing on privacy, crypto projects, philosophy of technology and more.

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La Devochka

La Devochka

Crypto scavenger and cypherpunk ally, writing on privacy, crypto projects, philosophy of technology and more.

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