The Creator Economy Revolution On NEAR: Tamago, DRRT, 3XR, CURA

In the past year NEAR, has established itself as a hub for creative minds and wild spirits seeking to turn the old creator economy on its head. In this article, we will provide you with an overview of Tamago, DRRT, 3RT, and CURA, some of the latest and most exciting projects emerging from the NEAR ecosystem.

Tamago: The NEAR Native Spotify Killer

Tamago is a new decentralized music platform that combines Web3 with NFT tech to revolutionize the music streaming industry. Tamago aims to provide artists with an alternative to the unfair and exploitative models of mainstream music platforms by providing a strict zero advertisement, zero gatekeeping, 100% returns to creators, and opportunities to build a disintermediated relationship with their audience.

Unlike any other streaming platforms, Tamago focuses on creating the best environment for all musicians to thrive, as well as building a disintermediated and unfiltered space for music lovers to discover and enjoy music. For a more detailed overview of Tamago’s features read this medium post.

To learn more about Tamago follow them on Twitter, join their Telegram, and join Tamago Island on Fridays at 2pm EST.

Degenerate Robot Raving Tribe: The Music Brand For The Web3 Economy

DRRT is a music-focused NFT launchpad and label that aims at supporting emerging music artists and creating a strong community of music lovers. Its NFT platform facilitates music discovery and fan connections, as well as the launching of large-scale NFT projects. DRRT, however, is more than an NFT platform, it is also an incubator for early-stage music artists.

Early this week, DRRT received a grant from NEAR Protocol to further develop on NEAR Protocol:

In the coming months DRRT will bring some degenerate robot vibes to the NEAR ecosystem and help the onboarding of the best music projects and artists in the Web3 space.

To learn more about DRRT follow them on Twitter, check and check out their Website.

3XR: Spaces for Everything

3XR is a project for creating virtual spaces that foster community participation in the digital economy. It started out by powering all Mintbase stores with VR galleries and is now launching a new product — CreateThing — that will further facilitate the creation of spaces for everything digital. 3XR aims at providing the easiest way to build a 3D and VR-ready gallery for businesses and all kinds of creative projects.

Giving a space to everything digital is essential to build a full-fledged Web3 economy and 3XR is going to play a big role in fostering the digital and creative economy.

To learn more about 3XR follow them on Twitter, and check out their Website.

CURA: A Canvas For Building the Open Web on NEAR

Testnet preview of the CURA website.

CURA is a new experimental project on NEAR that explored the use of NFTs as creative tools. CURA’s objective is to open up new creative avenues for the use of NFTs and to build a repository of tools for artists to experiment, iterate, and deploy.

CURA’s aims at facilitating artistic experimentation with creative coding and is building the infrastructure to enable the creation of innovative Web3 media projects. CURA will start with the development of front-end hooks, themed components, and composable smart contracts that respect NEAR standards but give room for creativity and customization. With time it will further expand its tool and its community to the benefit of artists and the NEAR ecosystem.

To learn more about CURA and explore its tools visit their Website.

Thanks to Web3 tools new avenues can be created for the new creator economy, and thanks to NEAR’s architecture Web3 potential can be leveraged in its entirety. In this article we have discussed some of the most innovative projects when it comes to the new creator economy, that aim at revolutionizing the way creators monetise on their work and relate to their audience. The future of the new creator economy is bright on NEAR Protocol, and in the next episodes, we will further discuss its growth and achievements. So stay tuned!



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