Open Forest Protocol and SOTA Regenerative NFT Charity Auction: Wrap Up Party and Final Auction Highlights

On the 4th of February the NEAR community came together for the grand finale of Open Forest Protocol and SOTA’s Regenerative NFT Charity Auction. The wrap up party and auction celebrated the ending of a successful two-week initiative aimed at fostering reflection on the human-nature-technology relation in the age of climate change. Through art, Open Forest Protocol and SOTA brought the community together to re-think, re-imagine, and reflect about the future we want to build, and importantly, to act against climate change!

“Re” Wrap Up Party and Final Auction on NEAR Hub

The final auction and party of “Re” took place in NEAR Hub’s OFP room, fully customized for the event by the NEAR Hub team. The event attracted over 40 participants who gathered to collect art, network, and party together.

Thirteen original pieces made by the participating artists plus three NEARnauts donated by the NEARnauts team and community members were live auctioned by Rim, the OFP community manager.

During the first round of an auction-house style bidding for eleven pieces, everything sold out. But as the spirits were running high a second round took place where the second pieces belonging to the same series were sold out, as well as a third NEARnaut donated by the NEARnaut community, and a special NFT minted for the auction by Barbara Tosti titled “foster encounter”.

As in all respectable auctions, some bidding wars went on for NEARnauts, whose starting price was 5NEAR and quickly escalated to 50–70NEAR for each nauts. Eventually, the fiercest bidders Blaze and Ted M each won a piece, with a final bid of 69 NEAR.

Auction Results

The participation in the auction generated a total of 436.5 NEAR. Of all NFT sales, except NEARnauts whose profit went 100% to charity, 25% plus royalty went to OFP’s NFT DAO. In total, the amount raised for the funding of a reforestation or preservation project on OFP was 230.375 NEAR.

Below we provide an overview of the works sold and the amount they were bought at:

1. @simon_wairiuko ‘s <Open Door> sold for 8 near

2. @zeitwarp <AND WHAT IS COOL..?… WHAT IS LANDFILL…?> sold for 69n!

3. @Sugar_from_SOTA ‘s <Garden of Elysium> sold for 30n

4. @isakost ‘s <I Take Root in the Sky (Blue)> sold for 8near

5. @NOVUSSPHYNX <beacon — I> sold for 16 near

6. @cacavenaghi ‘s <Future is a Matter of Fate in the Nature> sold for 18n

7. @serste2 ‘s <COSMOGONIA 2022: TERRA> sold for 14n

8. @vvstati’s <nemeton> sold for 6near!

9. @serste2 ‘s <COSMOGONIA 2022: ARIA> sold for 69N!

10. @cicatriciebaci ‘s <forest encounter> sold for 8.5n

11. @isakost ‘s <I Take Root in the Sky (Red)> sold for 9n

12. @NOVUSSPHYNX <Beacon-II> sold for 6n

13. nearnaut 7120 sold for 50n!

14. nearnaut 3019 for 45 near!

15. nearnaut 6652 for 70 near!

We thank each artist and participant for this great result and having contributed to the funding of a new reforestation project on OFP. A special thanks goes to SOTA and NEARHub without whom, this event would have been half as fun.



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