Keeping Up With The Evolution of DeFi On NEAR: New Grant Allocations

Amazing DeFi tools and applications are born everyday in the NEAR ecosystem. To keep up with the evolution of DeFi on NEAR is an arduous task, but hopefully this series is making things a little bit easier for the NEAR community :)

In today’s article we are going to talk about the latest grants allocated by the NEAR foundations to amazing DeFi projects, namely, Moopay, Keyko, Riskswap, Marntaur, and Autonomy Network.


MooPay is a no-code, non-custodial crypto payment infrastructure that allows its users to access simple and powerful payment tools on blockchain. MooPay operates on the principle that everyone should be able to be in charge of their finances and organise their payments in a simple and straightforward manner. With MooPay, users can start accepting payments on their platform in just a matter of minutes without the risk of having one’s funds getting locked or not being accessible on MooPay. Payments are transferred to the creator’s wallet through a smart contract making the process riskless and efficient.

On the 2nd of November, MooPay was granted $50,000 from the NEAR foundation to continue its development on NEAR and Aurora integration for its payment tools. The grant will be split into three chunks. The first chunk will help MooPay to make the final adjustments to launch on Aurora. After a successful launch on NEAR Native testnet MooPay will receive the second part of the grant and after its launch on NEAR Native mainnet the final amount will be released.

For more information about the grant read this medium post and follow MooPay on Twitter.

Autonomy Network

Autonomy Network is a fully decentralised network that offers atypical generalised automation solutions. The solutions that Autonomy provides are user-friendly tools for DeFi like automated loss prevention, impermanent loss protections, and more. By decentralizing and optimising features that are typical of centralised exchanges, Autonomy enhances financial sovereignty, opening up new opportunities for DeFi’s mainstream adoption.

At the end of October, the NEAR foundation communicated its decision to allocate a $30,000 fund for Autonomy’s integration on NEAR. In Q4 of this year, Autonomy’s smart contracts will go live, allowing dApps to integrate its features into their tech stack.

For more information on Autonomy’s progress follow them on Twitter.


RiskSwap is the first decentralised trading platform allowing for both futures and options trading built on Solana. RiskSwap is a multi-chain DEX and was built to cater to derivatives traders’ needs. Its user-friendly platform with controllable risk futures and options trading, its powerful combination of AMM and Order books model, and risk management make it a great place for a wide range of people.

In mid October the NEAR foundation decided to provide a $150,000 grant to RiskSwap to bring decentralised derivatives trading into NEAR. RiskSwap will be a valuable addition to the NEAR DeFi’s ecosystem as it will bring a new and user-friendly service to professional traders, newbies, and options traders alike.

For more information about this partnership check RiskSwap’s medium article and follow them on Twitter.


Marnotaur is an AMM-based, cross-chain liquidity protocol for secure decentralised margin trading. Powered by its own margin pools but also large external DEXs like Uniswap, Marnotaur allows users to multiply their gains and drastically increase trading efficiency and asset diversification. Additionally, it offers features like distribution of liquidation fees to stakeholders, permissionless pools and under-collateralised access to stablecoins.

After applying to the NEAR Grants Program, Marnotaur was awarded with a $40.000 grant to integrate on NEAR and expand the community.

For more information about Marnotaur follow them on Twitter.



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